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M&M Mega 1ct

M&M Mega 1ct
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M&M's original candies haven't been altered since they first hit the market in 1941, but hey -- when your original recipe is that perfect, there’s little reason to change it up!

Or so we’ve always thought. Until,
 that is, the smart people over at Mars candies realized that maybe there was one way to make the original better. Maybe… just maybe… they could turn them Mega.

The result? A chocolate lover’s dream come true! Three times the size of the original M&M's, these amazing nickel-sized sweets still rock that perfect candy shell crunch, but now you can sink your teeth into even more milk chocolate per bite! So how are the fans reacting to this news? Why, with overwhelming cries of, "Here, here!" (As in, "Here, please bring another bag here!") Because there’s no such thing as too much chocolate.

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