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Classic American sodas are a welcome addition to anyone's refrigerator and not just for special occasions or parties. Canada dry are one of the world's best-known makers of sodas, stock up with a can of ginger ale, dry lemon and lime or raspberry soda, perfect on their own as a mixer.

Wake up your taste buds with a can of Cactus Cooler orange and pineapple blast or satisfy the craving for sugar and fruit all in one go with a Cherry Coca Cola. With over 50 choices that include the Simpsons classic Duff brands, to the well-known drinks from Sunkist and Pepsi, to the American classic Minute Maid brand you are sure to find a taste to please everyone. Make your parties and events stand out by offering a soft drink selection your guests won't be able to decide between.

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A&W cream soda single
$2.00 Incl. GST
A&W Root Beer 1ct
$2.00 Incl. GST
Arizona Green Tea 1ct
$2.50 Incl. GST
Arizona Green Tea XL
$3.50 Incl. GST
Arizona Peach Tea 1ct
$2.50 Incl. GST