Carey Whole Jalapeno 26oz (737g)

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Get ready to take your taste buds on a jalapeño joyride with Carey Whole Jalapeños – the snappy sidekick that turns every snack into a fiesta! These whole jalapeños aren't just peppers; they're spicy superheroes, ready to rescue your taste buds from the mundane. Imagine plump, green jalapeños, packed with enough zing to make your taste buds do the salsa. Carey Whole Jalapeños are like the cool cucumbers of the spice world, delivering a punch of heat with a side of crunchy excitement. It's not just a pepper; it's a flavour bomb that transforms ordinary dishes into a spicy adventure. Whether you're stuffing them into tacos, topping off burgers, or unleashing them onto your favourite dishes, Carey Whole Jalapeños bring the heat and the fun. It's a pepper parade that'll have your taste buds cheering for more. So, grab a jar of Carey Whole Jalapeños, and let the spicy festivities begin! It's not just a pepper; it's a whole new level of flavour that'll make your taste buds say, "¡Olé!"

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