Now & Later Extreme Sour Peg Bag 120g

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Now & Later Extreme Sour candies are here to give your taste buds a thrilling ride! Packed with intense sour flavor, these chewy treats start off with a tangy punch and keep the sour sensation going until the very end. Each piece is bursting with bold fruit flavors like sour apple, sour cherry, and sour grape, creating a mouth-puckering experience that candy lovers crave. The chewy texture adds an extra layer of enjoyment, making these candies perfect for satisfying your sweet and sour cravings. Whether you're a fan of extreme sour candy or just looking for a fun and flavorful treat, Now & Later Extreme Sour candies are sure to deliver a taste sensation that will leave you wanting more. So grab a peg bag, share with friends, and get ready to pucker up for some seriously sour fun!

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