Pace Picante Sauce MILD 1.07kg

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Get ready to tame the flavour rodeo with Pace Picante Sauce MILD – the salsa sensation that's smoother than a cowboy's two-step and milder than a Sunday morning in the wild west! This isn't your ordinary picante sauce; it's a mild-mannered, flavour-packed companion that'll have you saying, "Howdy, delicious!" Imagine the perfect blend of tomatoes, onions, and a hint of jalapeños, all dancing together in a harmonious salsa hoedown. Pace Picante Sauce MILD is like the friendly cowboy of condiments – approachable, with just enough kick to keep things interesting. Whether you're lassoing it onto tacos, wrangling it onto nachos, or simply using it as a dip for your favourite chips, Pace Picante Sauce MILD is the partner your taste buds have been searching for. It's not just salsa; it's the mild-mannered hero that turns every meal into a flavour round-up! So, grab a jar, tip your hat to the mild side of life, and let Pace Picante Sauce MILD be the flavour sheriff in your kitchen. Yeehaw, flavour enthusiasts! 🌶️🤠

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